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Miami Travel Vacations

Miami Travel Vacations

Each year, thousands of travelers visit Florida for a vacation. Florida is full of amazing activities and sights. No matter your age, group size or preference, fun awaits. Travel vacations to Miami are just perfect for couples, families and groups of friends, no matter the time of year.South Beach, Miami, Florida

Couples will enjoy spending time on the beach together, relaxing under the sun. South Beach is another major destination for couples, especially because it is the epitome of Miami culture. This is the perfect place to shop, party and dine. Even the architecture is inviting!

Miami is certainly one of the best places to visit with your family. The availability of car rentals in Miami makes it possible to drive around town with ease. Check out the Miami Zoo and the Seaquarium to see animals up close. The Miami Museum of Science and Miami Children’s Museum offer interactive exhibits. In addition, Jungle Island allows children to get up close and personal with wildlife in natural habitats.

Don’t forget about the fantastic weather! Imagine yourself renting vacation rentals in a destination that is warm all year. Miami is truly a paradise.

Places to Visit in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro offers a variety of options for the tourists that ensures that the visitors are spoilt for choice. Some of the tourist attractions that cannot be missed are:


It is a salt water lagoon, located near the neighbourhoods of Ipanema and Leblon. If you want to visit Rio to spend a relaxedholiday in the lap of nature, this is one of the destinations that is worth a visit. The blue color of the lagoon perfectly complements the greenery that surrounds it. You can enjoy a bike ride or jog for seven kilometres along the coast of the lagoon and also visit the parks that are located near the Lagoa. It also offers a breathtaking view of the sunset.


It is a mountain peak with an altitude of 395 meters, which is situated at the mouth of the Guanabara Bay. It is believed that the peak derives its name from its sugar-loaf-like appearance. In Rio, this mountain peak is referred to as Pao de Acucar. The panoramic view that the mountain offers is not to be missed, even if your stay in the city is short. You can also take a ride on the cable car or trek through the mountains to enjoy a better scenic view of the peak.


This National Park, located along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, is a part of the extensive Atlantic rain forest. It offers a stunning collection of some plant and animal that are unique to these forests. It is best to hire a hiking service to enjoy a tour of the lush green jungle.


It is one of the old neighborhood of Rio that has a unique appeal of its own. It is the financial center of the city. Amidst the skyscrapers, Centro boasts of some of the Old cathedral, the National Historical Museum, the National museum of Fine Arts and the Theatro Municipal. Paco Imperial was the reign of power when Brazil was a Portuguese colony. This place thrives on the rich heritage and culture of the city.


It is a town of the state of Rio de Janeiro that is also referred to as the Imperial City of Brazil. It is located on the outskirts of the city of Rio. It is situated in the valley of Quintandinha and Piabanha Rivers and the Serra dos Orgaos Hills. It is ideal for a summer holiday because of its favourable climatic conditions. The summer palace of the second Brazilian Emperor has been converted to a museum, known as the Imperial Museum.

Rio’s emergence as one of the most favoured tourist attractions in the world has lead to a spurt of the hotel industry in the city. If you are planning a tour to the city, there are several hotels and Apartment for Rent in Rio De Janeiro that you can choose from.


Alicia Hodkins is a travel enthusiast. She has traveled all over the world due to her love for adventure. In this article, she has discussed some of the places of visit in Rio de Janeiro.

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