Tips on renting exotic cars

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Exotic cars – the name itself makes you feel excited, doesn’t it?

Most people have seen exotic cars in the movies or in the roads and have felt to be a proud owner of such cars someday. Unfortunately it is quite impossible for an average income earner to afford an exotic car.

Exotic cars usually cost as much as a few hundred thousand dollars. Not only exotic cars  are expensive, the cost of maintenance and insurance is also higher than that of the regular cars. Therefore the exotic cars are owned by those who have a good source of income, ensuring a constant handsome cash flow. For others, there are ways to enjoy the pleasurable drive these cars offer.

There are a lot of car agencies across the U.S. those offer exotic cars for rental. If you are one of those who have always wanted to drive exotic cars and amaze your friends – the rental agencies are there to make your dream come true. In return of their service, you will need to pay a few hundreds of dollars, which however, is quite considerable taking into consideration the amount of pleasure you are going to attain. So the next time you are on a vacation or going to any official party or a friend’s wedding, head to a rental agency and take out an exotic car of your choice and make your dream come true.

Exotic cars


The best place to start searching for rental agencies for renting exotic cars  is the internet. Use any search engine to look for rental agencies in your locality or the place where you are visiting. It is obvious that you will get confused with all the rental agencies on the internet. To minimize the search, check those who are members of any association (such as AAA) and have higher customer and service rating. Once you have narrowed down the search, it’s time to collect information on their rental deals. You should check and read the deals carefully. Short list the name of the rental agencies that offers deals that suits you. Now compare among the rental agencies and note their pros and cons. Then select the agency that offers the highest options and facilities at a considerable rate. You can now send them a request over the internet or ask for a quote.

While selecting and finalizing a rental agency to hire an exotic car, you should also pay attention to several other factors. Many rental agencies accept payment through credit cards and offer some attractive discounts to customers who hold credit cards from major card companies. While requesting quotes from the rental agencies; make sure you ask whether they would be offering discounts against your credit card.

Many rental agencies have exciting discounts and deals for certain professionals. When you finalize the deal on renting an exotic car , make sure to check whether you are eligible for such discounts. You might also find it cheaper to rent a car for a whole week to be cheaper than hiring it for 5 days. So if you are planning for a vacation and hiring an exotic car, consider extending your vacation and getting the car at a cheaper price and also enjoy and extended pleasure of driving an exotic car.

Never forget to get insurance for the exotic car you are renting. Insurance is a necessity. You never know when bad luck is going to strike you. If you do not have insurance and the car gets stolen or gets hit by a bus, you will be forced to pay for a replacement car or for the damage which is going to cost you your long savings and future income. If you have a car, check, while renting  exotic cars, whether the car insurance extends to rental car insurance. In case your car insurance does not cover car rentals, buy insurance from the rental agency.